Honor Society Qualifications

  • Students must earn a 93 average in all subjects during the semester of induction
  • Students must show good character
  • Students must be enrolled in a regular academic program at AMS
  • Students must have 3 or fewer unexcused tardies during the semester of induction
  • Members are expected to participate in projects sponsored by the AMS Honor Society
  • Students must have not been given OSS (Out of School Suspension) or ISS (In School Suspension) during the semester of induction.

 Inactive Status
  • Students who receive a ‘C’ on their report card will be placed in inactive status
  • Students who receive ISS (In School Suspension) will be placed in inactive status
  • In the event of limited space accommodations on trips, members in good standing will be given priority over inactive status members.

Students can be dismissed from Honor Society for the following reasons:
  • Out of School Suspension
  • Excessive Tardies
  • Fighting
  • Cheating
  • Earning a grade below a ‘C’ on a report card
  • Repeating Inactive Status (2 consecutive) 
  • Disrespecting a teacher or faculty member (not showing good character)
  • Cumulative average at semester’s end below 90

Membership Dues - $10.00

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